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Monday, October 6, 2008

The Bailout And My Second Podcast Recommendation

Posted By Paul

If anyone read my earlier post:

The Housing Crisis And My First Podcast Recommendation

Well this week there is a new podcast that is also really interesting.

It's called:

Another Frightening Show About the Economy

I have listened to part of it, and it was really interesting. I tried listening to it all, but since the material they talk about is pretty complicated I found that I couldn't work and listen to it at the same time, so the rest of the podcast will have to wait for later.

From even listening to half of it, I discovered that there are whole words of finance that I am unaware of. If nothing else, I recommended listening to the section that is 20 minutes into the podcast which talks about "Credit Default Swaps". I had never heard of this before, but this podcast in 10 minutes explained it in such a way that I felt like I understood it and I was generally freaked out about the fact that this sort of thing is going on throughout the financial world.

I wanted to post about this ASAP since currently you can download the podcast for free.

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