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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Recycling Child Car Seats

Posted By Paul

If you have read Matt's earlier post:

The Baby Gear Underground

The article talks about ways to save money on baby stuff. When we were expecting our first child we received all kinds of stuff from people (which was awesome). Among the hand me downs were a car seat and several bases from Matt. We took them to a free clinic put on by the police department showing how to properly install it.

We were surprised to discover that the car seat and the bases they gave us were too old to be considered safe (they were able to check the date of manufacture via an id number on the car seat).

So not only did we have to get a new car seat and base, we also had to dispose of the old ones.

I always feel bad when I take a big chunk of something and toss it in the trash, so I decided to look around to see if recycling was an option before tossing the seat and three bases in the dumpster.

Well there was some good news! There are a few places that accept and recycle infant car seats, and one of them was nearby in Portland.

If you find yourself with a car seat that your child has outgrown, instead of tossing it, try to find a place where you can recycle it.

For people near Portland you can contact:

Legacy Health Systems Recycling Program.

I took the car seat and bases to the recycling center and dropped them off with no problems.


Janelle said...

Its really a great idea to recycle the car seats.!!

Camille said...

In Beaverton, Gresham, Portland and The Dalles, Oregon you can recycle car seats at any of the Fix Auto Collision shop locations. Fix Auto in Oregon has partnered with Legacy Health. Here is a link to the Legacy PDF: http://www.legacyhealth.org/documents/Patient%20Education/Car%20Safety%20Seat%20recycling.pdf

And a link to the Fix Auto locations in the Northwest: www.FixAutoBodyNorthwest.com

Here is a link to the Legacy Hospi