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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The 100 Rule For Investment Allocation

Posted By Paul

Have you ever heard of the '100 Rule' for asset allocation? The idea is that you subtract your age from 100 and the result is the percentage of your investments that should be in stocks (as opposed to less aggressive bond funds or the like).

Well I'd heard of it and recently decided to see if I was adhering well to that rule. Well imagine my surprise when I saw that my Vanguard fund (designed to automatically transition to more conservative funds as time goes by) wasn't even close.

A little research took me this article:

Money Savvy Rules of Thumb

Which specifically mentions the '100 Rule' (rule number 3) and says that this formula is too conservative considering the current longer lifespans of people. They suggest using a '120 Rule' which is right in line with my Vanguard fund, but unfortunately not as catchy.

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