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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Links: Good info sources for annuities.

Posted By Paul

As I did my research on annuities I found some links that I wanted to pass on:

AnnuityTruth.org - specializes in info for annuities for seniors

Ultimate Guide to Retirement: Annuities - A great page from CNNMoney with all kinds of info about the different types of annuities. A must read for anyone thinking of purchasing an annuity.

Useful info to find out more about annuities.


Todd said...

I always cringe at the word "annuity" knowing that it can be both a strong savings/retirement vehicle for some, and an detrimental, commission paying vehicle (for the salesperson) for others. I help families figure out college affordability (fee only, don't sell any products... kind of like you guys!) and my feelings go out to those folks who have been duped into taking the annuity route for the wrong reasons - under the guise of "college planning."

Thanks for bringing up this subject and I hope it brings some light to folks who are in the dark on these types of financial products.

Good for some, but bad for others.


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