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Friday, February 10, 2012

Saving while celebrating holidays

Posted by Paul

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share something that my family started doing recently that ended up being fun and also a good way to save money.

We noticed that in certain months we had quite a few holidays. For example my wife and my wedding anniversary is in February as is Valentine's day.

My wife and I started to 'split the difference' where instead of celebrating each holiday separately we actually pick a day between Valentine's Day and our anniversary and celebrate both with a night on the town.

It's worked well for us, not only do we avoid the Valentine's Day crowds in restaurants, etc but we also feel like we can splurge a little bit more since we're having one celebration instead of two.

We still observe Valentine's day and our anniversary, but with much more simple stuff like a small surprise treat or a dessert out with our family.

It has been a nice way to celebrate frugally without feeling like we are sacrificing.

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