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Monday, August 27, 2007

Simple Household Savings Tip

Posted By Paul

An easy way to save a little money in your home is to buy a set of cloth napkins and use those instead of using disposable paper napkins.

Instead of using and discarding the paper you just throw the cloth napkins in the wash along with the rest of your laundry.

Once we switched to cloth napkins it was amazing to see how seldom we needed to buy paper towels.


amy wink said...

I know this site is about being frugal, but that tip is environmentally-friendly as well. Practices that save money & save the environment are ones that can really make a difference both for you personally, and the world you live in. Nice one Paul!

Matt said...

I second Amy's comment. Actually, it is surprising how often frugality and environmental concerns tie together, probably because they are both tied to doing things efficiently.

Even if we had easy access to a never-ending supply of oil, I'd still be wishing for an electric car, just because they are inherently technologically simpler (far fewer parts to wear out).