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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Today only....free advice from financial pro's

Posted by Matt
Hopefully our readers are finding some good info on this and other personal finance blogs on the web, but it certainly couldn't hurt to talk to a professional every once in a while, right?

Well, Kiplinger.com has been kind enough to pick up the tab. Check out the info on their "Jumpstart" program by clicking here. You can call a toll-free line to talk to a financial advisor between 6am and 3pm Pacific.

Be forewarned that financial advisers mostly deal with investment advice...not things like "how can I get out of debt?" or "what type of life insurance coverage should I have?" To put together a comprehensive plan, you should schedule a consultation with a fee-only certified financial planner (find one here).

And keep reading Frugalize, of course. :)

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