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Monday, January 14, 2008

Cost of Entertainment

Posted By Paul

I've been a member of Blockbuster Online for quite some time now. When Blockbuster launched the program the single disk program cost $9.99 and for that you could have one disk at a time and you could also take a mailed-to-you disk in to any Blockbuster store (there was one conveniently located to us) and trade it in for any in-store disk for free.

Since my wife and I like to watch movies at home this ended up being a great deal.

However, over the last few months Blockbuster has gradually changed their plan and prices. Now our plan costs $11.99 for the one disk plan and we can only exchange it in the store twice a month. This isn't a terrible plan, but it's starting to make me wonder if it's worth it.

Managing entertainment costs is something I try to keep an eye on since it's one of the most obvious ways to save a little money here and there. If the Blockbuster Online costs continue to rise I might just cancel my membership.

Is anyone else out there dealing with this?

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Kacie said...

Threaten them! Tell them, "I'm considering switching to Netflix" or dropping them or whatever you want to say. Ask for a better rate.

And, if they can't give you a deal, consider Netflix.

See my comments to Matt in the post below for a spewing of thoughts on Comcast OnDemand.