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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bulk Up On Savings!

Posted By Paul

If you've read my post:

Financial Choices: Good Vs. Better

Then you know that I don't make saving pennies here and there a big priority.

However, I recently discovered a grocery store that sells items in bulk, and I couldn't help noticing how much money we were able to save.

I noticed that many of the items that I keep at work for snacking can be purchased in bulk at the grocery store. For example, I like to keep a stash of breakfast bars in my desk for when I get hungry at work and I discovered they that actually sold them individually wrapped in the bulk food section of my local grocery store. The price of the bulk brand was about half of the price you would get if you bought the normal box of 6 a few aisles up.

Spaghetti, granola, rice, trail mix, and all kinds of things can be purchased in bulk for pretty decent savings. We're actually experimenting now with buying cereal in bulk since we found a bulk cereal that we like.

I know buying foods in bulk to save money isn't exactly a secret, but those half price breakfast bars really drove the point home to me.

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