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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Posted By Paul

I've never specifically talked about this but as I talk all the time about living a frugal life I feel like it's worth mentioning gourmet coffee specifically.

I hope I don't sound too preachy, but recently I've noticed a lot of people that are on a tight budget but get Starbuck's (or the equivalent) every single day.

I really like several of their drinks (I tend toward the ones that are warm and frothy and end with 'ucino'), but I choke every time I realize how much they cost.

So for me those fancy coffee drinks are like a beer or an ice cream cone. It's something I get after work with friends, or when I want to go out for a little treat. I can't believe people who get one of these big $5+ drinks EVERY DAY on the way to work. If you can afford it, then go for it, but I have actually heard people say that they need to cut back on their spending but their daily coffee drink was a necessity.

That to me is just crazy (and more than a little irresponsible). If you need a caffeine buzz (or just like a hot drink in the morning), well most workplaces have coffee for free, and even if the coffee is bad there's no reason you can't just make a cup at home in the morning and fill a travel mug.
Or even better, try to kick your caffeine addiction.

Folks who list Starbucks as a necessity when doing their budgeting are in conflict with the first rule of

My Financial Philosophy

That rule being: Never confuse "need" with "want."

1 comment:

Leah in Oregon said...

Good point, Paul.

I have a friend who was having a hard time paying her bills, yet was spending over $15 per DAY at Starbucks.

Not only can Starbucks empty your wallet, but many of their drinks are pushing the 800 calorie mark. Yikes!