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Monday, October 29, 2007

The First Signs Of Trouble

Posted By Paul

It's easy to talk about people who are far down the road of financial chaos, but I wanted to take a moment to call out some of the initial warning signs. My hope is that if you can spot the early red flags you can make changes before it's too late:

Here are some early signs of trouble:

-You start to carry a credit card balance because you just don't have quite enough money to cover it but you plan to catch up soon.

-You have to hold off on paying bills until payday.

-You bounce a check.

-Your day to day expenses are high enough that you decide to start scaling back on your retirement savings.

-You find yourself dipping into your emergency fund for non-emergency things like utilities.

-You find yourself having trouble paying for basic needs like groceries.

If any of these happen to you then stop, take a moment to look closely at your lifestyle. It could be that you're starting to live beyond your means. Deal with it now before you dig a hole that you'll never get out of.

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