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Friday, November 30, 2007

Money radio and a warning for eTraders

Posted by Matt

I just posted the other day about the Magic Jack that my wife heard about on Clark Howard's radio program, but if that didn't inspire you to check out his website, then this post is intended to be another plug. He has a ton of great tips for making smart financial decisions and I like that he isn't always focused on just getting out of debt and trying to solve problems. That IS an important service provided by Dave Ramsey and lots of personal finance bloggers, but there are a lot of people out there that are beyond the stage where they need motivation and coaching through the hard realizations and choices. We need to find the inside information and hidden deals!

Here's something I learned from Clark's posts today: Did you know that eTrade was on the verge of going under? The relevant article was actually about FDIC insurance, which Frugalizers should already know all about if they read our previous article on the topic. Anyone who had more than $100k with eTrade would have been in trouble if Citadel hadn't bailed them out. It just goes to show you that it is as important to be educated about financial service vendors as about their products. Anyone considering Countrywide right now? No? Good.

Check out the Business section of the paper, read this blog or others like it, turn on the radio....just do your homework; the information is out there! Give Clark's site (http://clarkhoward.com/) a quick skim or find out when you can listen to him on your local radio station.

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