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Monday, November 12, 2007

Putting Off Savings, Another True Story

Posted By Paul

I knew a guy who was in his 20's and had the philosophy that he wouldn't save money until he turned 30. He figured that his 20's were for fun and that included fun spending, and that when he turned 30 he'd start saving money.

Unfortunately I learned about this friend's philosophy when were talking about what we were going to do now that we had both just been laid off.

This friend was a hard worker and he made it through the layoff and job hunt process without too much pain, but the whole experience could have been less painful and stressful for him if he'd just saved a little more money earlier.

If you're thinking that you're too young to worry about savings, remember that rainy days come to all people regardless of age. Don't think that financial responsibility and having a fun life are mutually exclusive. I've noticed that as I get more on top of my finances that the peace of mind from not having to worry about money is a big factor in my daily happiness. Plus by being responsible and saving money most of the time, I can splurge on the occasional fun things guilt free.

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