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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Laid Off: Summary Of My Job Hunt.

Posted By Paul

Hi Everyone,

I was just going through my job hunt notes and I thought people might enjoy the 'stats' from my job hunt that I was able to compile:

Days unemployed: 28

Weeks of unemployment claimed: 2 (I was laid off on a Tuesday so that partial week's pay made me ineligible for unemployment that week, then there was a 'waiting week' before I could claim benefits).

Total recruiters I talked to or emailed: 12

Recruiters I met in person: 6

Total jobs applied for: 32 (10 through recruiters, 22 on my own)

Number of companies I never heard back from at all: 24

Companies that phone interviewed me and passed: 6

Companies that met with me in person: 2

Companies that made me an offer: 1

Wow, even I'm surprised that it essentially took 32 tries before I found one job where I liked the company and they liked me. Just goes to show that persistence is a big part of job hunting.

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