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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

An unexpected dental cost

Posted by Matt
I've had to change dentists several times over the past five years or so, mostly because I like to go to one close to home and we've moved so much recently. I was lucky enough to find an office located about a block from our new house, and just went in for my first visit (a regular cleaning.) One thing I've noticed is that dentists always seem to want their own x-rays. The new office suggested a new full-mouth set (aka panorex, see image) and I agreed, putting my faith in the professionals to tell me what is needed. I don't usually give much thought to dental costs because routine items like cleanings, exams and x-rays are covered by my insurance. Imagine my surprise, then, when I was charged $47 at the end of my visit!

I checked my dental coverage as soon as I got to work and discovered that full mouth x-rays ARE covered, but only once every three years! I don't know if x-rays are a profitable service for dentists or if the ones from their own machine are easier to file or what, but I had a full set of x-rays done just last year and they were mailed from my last dentist's office prior to my appointment, so I think the dentist just wasted my $47.

I'm not trying to bad-mouth dentists; I just wanted to share yet another experience that shows it pays to be an informed consumer. Keep it in mind the next time you switch dentists!

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