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Monday, April 27, 2009

Article: Marriage And Money

Posted By Paul

A great article on The Dollar Stretcher about dealing with money in your marriage.

I liked the fact that it called out some specific points such as how money should be viewed as a "we" issue instead of a "me" issue. The author specifically mentions secretly hiding money from your spouse as an unhealthy way to deal with money problems in a marriage.

I also liked that he mentioned that you should try to appreciate the differences in the ways you and partner view money. Usually in these sorts of articles the partner who is more comfortable spending is presented as a problem that needs to be managed. I liked that the author says that:

"If you're a penny-pincher and you'd married another miser, you'd likely never enjoy the fruits of your hard work!"

I also really liked the fact that the author suggests that couples formulate financial goals together. That can take the form of a budget that BOTH people agree on, and that this budget can include fun things as well.

A good article for newlyweds or anyone married couple that is struggling with money issues:

Marital Bli$$

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