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Monday, April 20, 2009

A way to save on home projects.

Posted By Paul

I recently completed a home project where I tiled the floor of one of the rooms in my house. At first I was worried that I would run out of grout or tiles, so I made a second run to the hardware store to get more.

Well of course I ended up with more than I needed. Luckily this time I made sure to save receipts and also keep my un-used building supplies (bags or mortar, bags of grout, and boxes of tiles) in good condition so that I could return them.

I had one extra bag of grout, one of mortar, and 3 unopened boxes of tiles. I contemplated keeping the grout and mortar in case I needed to do repairs, but ultimately decided that I could always get more, so there was no point in storing the bags in anticipation of needing it some day. I had one box of tiles that I had opened, but since I only needed 2 of the 12 tiles in the box there were 10 left which I figured was plenty to keep in case I ever needed to do repairs.

A quick trip to the hardware store with my receipt and they were happy to take back the unopened building supplies. I got my money back for those items, and saved a little storage room in the garage.

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