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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Article: 8 Things Parents Don't Need

Posted By Paul

As a new parent I was happy to run across this article listing things that you DON'T need as a new parent.

8 Things New Parents Don't Need

I especially liked the author listing the expensive burp cloths and how cloth diapers work just as well. In fact a friend of mine went to a baby shower where as a game they had each guest decorate a cloth diaper in permanent marker for the parents to use as a burp cloth. The parents use them for various baby related cleaning and it's cool to see the funny and creative designs that the guests put on them.

Also the fact that they mentioned the baby wipe warmer was excellent. I saw one listing for a baby wipe warmer that said something like:

"the baby wipe warmer saves you money by being able to use any type of wipe in it."

What saves you even more money is to not buy the warmer in the first place. I looked on Amazon and read customer reviews of warmers and several people swore that their baby didn't like cold wipes and that buying this device improved their life considerably. Our baby actually thinks the cold wipes are kind of ticklish and using the cold wipes will often turn his crying into laughing. I guess it goes to show that all babies are different.

Any other suggestions for things new parents SHOULDN'T buy, or at least shouldn't ASSUME they need?

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