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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cash incentives for saving water

Posted by Matt

This post is targeted to my local readers; if you're not a customer of Tualatin Valley Water District, you can stop reading here or check with your own local water provider to see if they offer a similar program.

Tualatin Valley Water District has several rebate programs designed to provide additional incentives for their customers to reduce their water usage (assuming you haven't been swept up by the "green" wave already). I discovered that the lawn aeration that we were considering is encouraged by the water district because it allows you to use less water on your lawn. If you're not familiar with the process, aeration looks much like lawn mowing, except that the machine has a roller with cylindrical spikes on it to take plugs of soil out of the lawn. It is especially helpful for lawns with very hard-packed soil. This is something I did as a child with a pitchfork, and I'm glad to pay the $35 that our aerating service charges to do both the front and back lawns.

Of course, now I'll only end up paying $10 after the $25 rebate! We may also buy some hose bib timers to simplify watering; those have a rebate available also (as do rain sensors and pressure regulation service). If you don't have a lawn, you can also find rebates for efficient appliances and even toilets here. All any of the programs require are forms and receipts.

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