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Friday, December 14, 2007

Using our state tax rebate (kicker) constructively.

Posted by Matt

The kicker checks have arrived! In my original post about kicker checks, I indicated that I was planning to put my check into a Roth IRA. I then changed my mind about starting a Roth IRA at all, so what am I going to do with the money?

I wish it were up to me. Truth be told, the money was budgeted for spending before it ever got here, but I thought it would be worth listing what I think are some positive ways that we're using the money. As I mentioned previously, we've incurred some "extra" expenses associated with our new house.

And we have more coming soon:

  • Energy efficiency measures recommended during our energy audit. (Write-up coming soon!)
  • A new drain to divert water from draining into our crawlspace (getting bids and considering a little more DIY).
  • New furniture (looking for more home decor suggestions).

Obviously, the arrival of the check comes at an opportune time, and we'll be looking forward to our tax return, too!

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